Window Wells

Important things to consider when designing your window well:

Egress Compliance

This is the most important consideration when designing your window well. If the basement window is meant for emergency exit, your window and the window well must comply to your local “means of egress” codes. Since you’re below ground, you have to make sure that the window can still fully open without obstruction by the window well. We’ll help make sure the basement window well has enough area to move around in and if the well is especially deep, make sure you have a ladder attached to it for an easy access out.


Standard corrugated metal wells are a great option, but sometimes you want to add some aesthetic value to your window well. We offer a range of different types of window wells, including wood, brick and stone.

Correct Drainage

During heavy rains window wells may have a tendency to fill up with water that ultimately ends up in the basement if correct drainage has not been planned for and implemented when designing your window well. Green Built Windows has the experience you can trust to install your window well correctly and advise you of foreseeable drainage or other issues. This is extremely important and we recommend asking your window well installer about their experience installing window wells, so that drainage problems don’t become basement leaks in your home. When a window well is not installed, improperly sized, or if the window well drain is clogged, window well drainage problems cause water leaks into the basement. If the gravel in your window well doesn’t drain well, water can pool in the window well as if you had an aquarium outside. This accumulated water, when high enough, can pour straight into your basement between the window frame and the top of wall, or leak through the window itself! Inadequate window well drainage can cause a substantial amount of water to pour into your basement very rapidly, thus creating a need for improved window well drainage and/or window well replacement.
Our home in Silver Firs was severely vandalized last year just as we were putting it on the market. The major appliances were smashed, drywall was punctured with a sledge hammer in every room, Brazilian walnut flooring was damaged by water left running. Green Built Northwest swung into action and, working with our insurance company and lender, restored the home to better condition than it had been before the vandalism occurred. The house just gleamed! Thanks Green Built Northwest. Just last weekend when the windstorm and heavy rain damaged the home of a friend of mine in Wallingford, I recommended Green Built Northwest on Saturday evening and on Sunday morning the friend’s roof was patched and water tight! Nice work, and thanks for making me look good to my friend! HIghly recommend these people.

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