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Windows & Doors

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Energy Efficiency

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Quality Home Windows & Doors to Choose From

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Milgard Windows and Doors

Enhance Your Space with Quality and Style

Milgard has been serving the Pacific Northwest since 1962 with top quality window and glass products

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Milgard Bi-fold Glass Walls

Bringing the Outdoors In

The perfect way to create an open, airy, and seamless connection between your indoor and outdoor living spaces

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Ply Gem Windows

A Smart Choice for Budget-Friendly Home Upgrades

Ply Gem Windows not only look beautiful but they also fit within most budgets 

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Building Envelope Systems

Save money on your heating and cooling bills and give your home a seal of protection during the summer and winter 

Siding Installation

Protect your home from Moisture and Rot 

  • Fiber Cement Siding

  • Wood siding

  • Vinyl siding

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Windows, insulation and siding are often the first steps in updating your home to become more energy efficient. New insulation helps make your home more efficient by better retaining the desired temperature of enclosed spaces. When used in conjunction with appropriately sized heating equipment, new insulation will help you save on utility costs, conserves non-renewable fuel sources and provides greater comfort throughout your home.

Before selecting new windows for your home, we can help you determine what types of windows will work best and where to improve your home’s energy efficiency. We can help you understand the energy performance ratings of windows so you’ll know what energy performance ratings you need for your windows based on our Seattle climate and the home’s design.

ENERGY STAR® has established minimum energy performance rating criteria by climate. However, these criteria don’t account for a home’s design, such as window orientation. New windows can increase the look and functionality of your home, but well-insulated windows also separate your home from extreme exterior temperatures, reducing adjustments required by your heating and cooling system. This translates to lower energy costs for you. New windows also offer optional UV protection, which guards against damage that can occur to inside walls, furnishings and floors from solar heat and harmful rays.


How does home performance make your home “green”?  The goal of home performance is for every house to be comfortable, safe, durable, and energy efficient, and have good indoor air quality. Most green building programs award points for building durability, indoor air quality, health, safety, and energy efficiency. Without building science and performance-built homes, we would have no truly green building programs!

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